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Ask Me Anything is ChatGPT in your Hubspot environment (Tickets, Deals, Companies). It is essential to exercise critical thinking and judgment when interpreting and applying the information.

The content generated by OpenAI is not intended to be offensive or discriminatory. If you find any content of that sort, please report it to OpenAI directly.

While OpenAI attempts to redact sensitive information automatically, you should always be mindful of what you are writing in this chat.

Note that ChatGPT has a cutoff date of September 2021, meaning it does not know what happened in the world after that date.


While this chat has no strict limitations, it is intended to be used only within the scope of your work in Hubspot.

Want to save time? Write [R] as a shortcut for the ticket initial description - it will be replaced automatically.

Here are a few example you may want to run (English is not mandatory):

  • Act as a marketing specialist. Write an engaging email promoting the benefits of X, Y, Z.
  • Extract any email, telephone number or price from: [R]
  • Summarize this support ticket in less than 250 characters: [R]
  • What is the sentiment and frustration score of this support ticket? [R]
  • Act as a customer service agent. Create a reply for the customer: [R]
  • ..and many, many more.

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