Zendesk - Unlimited Translations - Quickstart

How it works

The app provides instant translations without any subscription fee. Your data also remains within your Zendesk instance and is not shared with anyone.

Unlimited Translations + Sentiment offers the following features:

  • Sentiment detection: The customer's sentiment is derived from the initial ticket description. It can be Negative, Neutral or Positive.
  • Translation: The initial description or last customer's reply is automatically translated. You can also freely translate any text you'd like.

  • (BETA) Classification: The ticket is categorized automatically as Orders and Payments, Product Features, Security and Privacy, Promotions and Coupons, Shipping and Delivery, Returns and Refunds, Account and Login, General Questions, Spam, Technical Issues, Disputes and Risks.


The following languages are supported: French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Polish, Czech, Estonian, Farsi, Bulgarian, Norwegian (Ny/Bo), Catalan, Icelandic, Hungarian.

In order to keep your data within your own instance, the app heavily relies on the agent's web browser and cache. Please do not run the app in Incognito mode and allow sufficient time for loading (the first time may take significantly longer).