Freshdesk - ChatGPT App - Quickstart

How it works

The ChatGPT Assistant is straightforward. Whenever an agent will display a ticket, ChatGPT will automatically generate recommendations for:

  • General Topic: What the ticket is about (from the initial customer message).

  • Initial Sentiment: How the customer feels (from the initial customer message).

  • Conversation Summary: What happened so far (from the entire public conversation).

  • Suggested Reply: What to say next (from the entire public conversation).

The agent can also choose to regenerate the recommendations on-the-fly, or add them to the ticket as a Private note.

Multilingual + Custom Fields

The advanced version of this app offers additional features:

  • Multi language support: The Topic, Sentiment and Summary are automatically translated in the agent's language - this is based on their web browser locale setting. The reply is always in the customer's language.
  • Custom fields automation: The Customer's Language and Sentiment are recorded in the ticket for further automation. You need to create two fields of type "Text" from Administration / Ticket Fields. The names for those fields must be EXACTLY as follow: Language and Sentiment.

OpenAI Restrictions

OpenAI is the company behind ChatGPT. The Freshdesk app and ChatGPT are two different solutions.

Free accounts can use the product up to 5$ worth of credit within the first 3 months. The addon will stop working after that. In order to continue using the addon and ChatGPT, you must subscribe to OpenAI.

If you already have an account with them, make sure you still have credit available. More information here.

Installation process

After deploying the application, you will find a number of installation fields:

  • OpenAI - API Key: You must first create an account at OpenAI then generate a new Secret key here.

  • OpenAI - Model: Several AI models can be used. We do not recommend to change the default.

  • OpenAI - Reply tone: This will influence how the reply is generated and must follow the default syntax in ENGLISH. The default is "professional and confident". An alternative could be "polite but funny".

  • OpenAI - Characters limit: Replies length can be restricted. We do not recommend to change the default.

Error handling

Errors generally come from OpenAI requests. For example, you may have exceeded your free quota.

Freshdesk will notify you when an error occurred with a popup. Note that trial accounts ($5 credit) are subject to rate limiting from OpenAI.