Zendesk - Cohere AI App - Quick Start

How it works

The Cohere AI Assistant is straightforward. Whenever an agent will display a ticket, Cohere AI will automatically generate recommendations for:

  • General Topic: What the ticket is about (from the initial customer message).

  • Initial Sentiment: How the customer feels (from the initial customer message).

  • Conversation Summary: What happened so far (from the entire public conversation).

  • Suggested Reply: What to say next (from the entire public conversation, or the initial request for macros).

The agent can also choose to regenerate the recommendations on-the-fly, or add them to the ticket as a Private note.

Cohere AI Restrictions

Cohere AI currently offers free trial licenses. You can get one without a billing account.

However, for production use, please consider their guidelines: Pricing - Affordable NLP & Language Model Solutions | Cohere.

Prerequisites ????

The app is built to be a working public Zendesk Knowledge Base. This will allow Cohere AI to generate answers based on your existing articles.

Please send an email to [email protected] to request the link to be made along with your Knowledge Base domain (e.g., https://hiyahelp.zendesk.com/hc/).

At this time we do not read nor process your private documents or tickets, as this may cause security/privacy concerns. If you need this feature, contact us for a quote.

Installation process

After deploying the application, you will find a number of settings:

  • Cohere AI - API Key: You must first create a Cohere AI account and generate a new key here.

  • App - Custom Reply Prompt: Set your own prompt for reply generation. You can also create a prompt for a completely different use case.

  • App - Autorun: The app will send a request to Cohere AI whenever a ticket is refreshed. This option may significantly increase your usage bill.

  • App - Restricted channels: The app will only run for tickets of certain types. Do not enable Autorun and disable this option at the same time - otherwise chat messages would constantly trigger requests to Cohere AI.

  • App - Low confidence: Check this option to let the AI generate the reply without any supporting document.

  • App - Confidence threshold: When Low confidence is active, this defines the required confidence level out of 1 (default = 0.3).


The app is available in multiple languages: English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Swedish.

Field labels (e.g., Initial Sentiment) as well as Topic, Sentiment and Summary are automatically translated into the user's default browser language.

The Suggested Reply is not affected by this parameter. Whenever possible, the AI will try to answer in the same language as the ticket content.

Frustration score

The levels of Frustration and Urgency are automatically scored out of 10.

The average is shown in the app. Any score above 8 is marked with a ⚠ icon.

This is currently a beta feature and can be disabled in the Settings.

Error handling

Errors generally come from Cohere AI requests. For example, you may have exceeded your quota.

Zendesk will notify you when an error occurred with a popup.