Question - What are Custom Prompts?

Custom Prompts allow you to make specific requests to OpenAI.

A prompt is the instruction you give to the AI in order to achieve your desired result.

By default, the app comes with three predefined prompts:

  1. Requesting the Context: "Reply with the topic, summary and sentiment of this ticket. "
  2. Requesting the Suggested Reply: "tone: [TONE]. Continue this conversation and reply to the customer in [LANGUAGE]. "
  3. (only in Zendesk) Requesting the Rephrase: "Rewrite the following reply: "

** These are not the exact prompts used by the application.

With the appropriate Subscription, you can change Prompts (2) and (3) to suit your needs.

This allows you to request information in a different format or for different purposes.

For example:

  • "Reply with a list of one to five keywords that apply to this ticket."
  • "Based on the ticket information, what can I do next?"
  • "Extract any e-mail address or telephone number form the conversation. If there are none, reply N/A."

Many more examples are available on the internet, such as 50 Expert-Approved ChatGPT Prompts For Customer Service Challenges (

Note: We cannot guarantee all prompts will work. Besides any prompt referring to illegal or discriminatory activities are strictly prohibited.

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