Zendesk - I have a problem with the app

If you are facing a problem while using one of our applications, please send an email to [email protected] with the following information:

  1. OpenAI API Key
  2. Screenshot of a ticket causing the issue.
  3. Zendesk domain.
  4. Screenshot of the App settings.
  5. Browser logs.

Here are the steps to retrieve them:

  • Provide us with the OpenAI API Key you used in the App settings. But first make sure you have enough OpenAI credits and do not exceed your usage limit. The app will not work otherwise. You can verify this information directly from your account: OpenAI - Usage.

  • Provide us with your Zendesk domain. It should look like: https://yourdomain.zendesk.com/.

  • Navigate to Administration / Zen Support Apps and find our application. Make sure to update it if necessary. Take a screenshot of the Configuration settings.

  • Finally, navigate to a ticket where the issue occurs. Try to run the app and take a screenshot of the full web interface.

  • Make sure to note down any error popup that may be displayed. Then access the Dev Console of your browser: Finding Your Browser's Developer Console | Balsamiq. Use CTRL+A or select all entries manually and send it over to us.

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